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12 Weeks Long Camp of
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An informal system that provide experience and training ground for pre-startups.

Mokoversity farm system helps pre-startup founders building their prototype and create entrepreneur mindset at their spare time. It were mentioned that it doesn't work well to start a startup by business people. Therefore, we have code mentors and training courses at our farm.

Farm Team Meeting Minutes

15th October 2014, at Taipei, Taiwan

How It Works?


Build software prototypes and initialize the first pitch at your spare time.


Submit your application and we will invite you to join 12-weeks long camp.


Learn how to start a startup from ABC of XYZ and setup your company.


We setup final pitch deck event. You pitch your idea and prototype.

How to start a startup?

  • Create a Landing Page

    The basic step is to simply create a web site that good enough.

  • Meet Smart People

    Startups often start around places that smart people meet each other.

  • Learn How to Program

    Get real way to learn how to code and build software prototype.

  • Get Co-founders

    Look for co-founders and build your team. Ideally between two or four founders.

  • Join the

Farm #1

  • 2014.11 ~ 2015.1
  • 8 Founders (Founder Teams)
  • Before 2014.10.30
  • Stage A: Weekly Demo / Working Day / Office Hours
  • Stage B: DropYours.Codes Hackathon
  • Stage C: Pitch Deck
  • Prototype Day: 2014.11
  • DropYour.Codes Hackathon: 2014.12
  • Pitch Deck: 2015.1

The ABC of XYZ.

Change is about speed. The scope of change to this era is unprecedented.

A startup is a company leading the change, and CEO is an artist that setup introduction to best understand the change shifts.

The ABC is designed for founders who want a lively introduction to the global change. It is also designed for founders who also want to get code mentors.

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