Exploring skills and
create startups.

What we are doing.

The mission of Mokoversity is that we want to develop talent and create an entrepreneurial circle. The circle adequately helps members prototyping their ideas and learning soft skills.

We also develop a course series that provide a level 101 introduction.

The Vision


The methodology is that promote the concept of investing your spare time to create pre-startups. We bring people to have entrepreneur mindset.

Social Enterprise

We are running as a social enterprise and a profitable company. We change people mindset then can bring about social change.

Education & Training

We develop and provide affordable education services and products. Including classroom courses, training camp and online courses.

Farm System

Mokoversity farm helps people creating their startups at their spare time. During the 12-week camp, they create entrepreneur mindset and build prototypes.

Training Courses

Attend our classroom courses and get 1:1 mentorship.

Full Stack Web Development

Become a full stack web developer. Learn how to build modern single-page web application.

Node.js Bootcamp

Become a REST API developer. Learn how to develop RESTful backend software.

iOS App Bootcamp

Become an iOS App developer. Learn Apple Swift programming language and iOS SDK.

Farm Team

Mokoversity Farm is an informal system that provide experience and training ground for pre-startups.